Annyeong haseyo… ^^ selamat datang… ^^ Ahlan wa sahlan… ^^ Wilujeung Sumping… ^^

C.N Blue >>> Re-Maintenance

Annyeong haseyo chingudeul…πŸ˜€

Buat para BOICE,, ni ada single ke-3 dari C.N Blue yang berjudul “RE-MAINTENANCE”

For me…

Paling suka lagu yang “Try Again,, Smile Again”

apalagi pas bagian lyric


“I never lose myself everyday”


” I can get pressure at times “

“But I am strong. and I try to sing all night”

” I don’t like same songs”

“and I don’t like same sounds”

“I just to try all night”

I’m gonna try again, try again

back again

try it all night

I never give up forever

Try again Try again back again

Time to try


yeaaaahhh… C.N Blue give me some spirit this morning with their songs…πŸ™‚

Gomawo Leader Yong hwa,, Burning Jong hyun,, Untouchable Jung shin,, Lovely Minhyuk…

C.N to the Blue Daebak…!!

Proud to be BOICE…πŸ˜€



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