Annyeong haseyo… ^^ selamat datang… ^^ Ahlan wa sahlan… ^^ Wilujeung Sumping… ^^

Dreams Come True

^^dierenz is here^^

Ini lagu yang lagi sering diputer di playlist … dalam rangka menjelang ujian tengah semester..

Dreams come true by 4 minute..

Boys and Girls don’t give up
you know..

Dreams Come true!

Trust yourself
fly toward that dream you been creating

open your heart
shout with al your might toward the sky
I cant follow the worlds rythm wth my feet
I’m always the only one who falls behind
where did the dreams I forgot go?
what am I doing now?

The kid that used to pray and have a lot of dreams

is lost in time and looking for the missing wings

The rainbow that comes after the rough rain and wind

It is the gift for me for fighting the hard times
The sunset glow that looks like a stiching across the sky

It was you who could carry everything along in one dream
Even the dark night sky is this beautiful
it is because of the sliver moon light stitching up on the sky

stand up again, there is no giving up for me
I will run, we run and run
For that little kid who was praying toward the moonlight
I hope all of his wishes will come true
take out the memories lost in time
the dream that I been waiting for greets me with a smile
No I didnt let go yet, dont let go
step by step I’m going closer to it
now showing the wings that you been hiding
fly higher than anyone else
the white wings you hid in your heart
spread it toward that burning sun
feel it, the cool winds flying across your hair
I wont let go the younger image of myself I was running towards
fly toward thet moon light that shines you with white light
the time that kept you away will dissapear in your wings

yang mau dunlut, klik disini aja..🙂

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